TechStart Tampa Bay’s Tech Jam 2016:
A Fun Night of Rock n’ Roll



TechStart Tampa Bay #TechJam2016-Elevate

Empowering the youth through technology.

TechStart Tampa Bay, a STEM 501(c)(3) non-profit, has come a long way. They ended the Summer with a splash as they hosted their 15th Annual Tech fundraiser event, Tech Jam 2016: Battle of the Bands. The event raises funds to provide technology related supplies and programs for Tampa’s at-risk youth. It’s a pledge to invest back in the community and in the people that will be leading our future.

What I like most about Tech Jam is their entertainment approach. Instead of hiring local entertainers to play classic rock songs, they showcase the local voices of tech through fun competition. Not only does it provide memorable inclusion, it exposes the community to Tampa’s tech leadership, our very own innovative muscle who too are contributing to the growth of our economy.

This year’s tech firm bands include:
+ AgileThought’s “The Daily Standups”
+ Tech Data | Cisco’s “Unusual Suspects”
+ Tampa Bay WaVE’s “SoundWaVE”
+ PSCU’s “Rockovate”

The event also included a 50/50 raffle, an exclusive VIP after party, great food, and a silent auction. This year’s venue was downtown Tampa’s District 3, a very spacious setting that in my opinion, provided a better band vs. crowd experience. Performing closer to the audience allowed bands to better engage and energize fans during their multi-song performance.

I was happy to contribute again this year, this time as a Silver Sponsor. Other sponsors, some of Tampa’s leading reputable firms, included Tribridge, Valpak, Tekk Fusion, TechData Corporation, AgileThought, and Clearly Agile.

In respect to time and schedule, my work involved refining last year’s quick visual scheme into a cleaner identity, and the brand design for the event’s signage, digital presentation imagery, and social media messaging. It was a pleasure to work with Akira and Kim, and I look forward to what the future holds.

To see the full project, visit our Tech Jam 2016 project page.


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TechStart Tampa Bay #TechJam2016-Elevate
TechStart Tampa Bay #TechJam2016-Elevate
TechStart Tampa Bay #TechJam2016-Elevate
TechStart Tampa Bay #TechJam2016-Elevate
TechStart Tampa Bay #TechJam2016-Elevate
TechStart Tampa Bay #TechJam2016-Elevate

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